Private Island - San Salvador

Detailed Listing information

View: Ocean View
Island Measurements
Island Size: 1,370,000 Sqft
Ref #: 1093
Price: $2,950,000
Listing Type: Private Islands for Sale Ocean View
Property Type: Undeveloped Island

Perhaps once in a lifetime comes a chance to own a timeless piece of History. The white cliffs of High Cay on the ocean side were the first sighting of land by Christopher Columbus in 1492 on his historic journey of discovery. High Cay is a peaceful and secluded private island located just off the southeast coast of San Salvador, and is surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters forming a wonderful protected area between the beaches of San Salvador and High Cay – an ideal playground for water sports including kiteboarding, sailing or jet skiing. Transportation to High Cay would be via San Salvador International Airport that has a runway capable of landing transatlantic Jets. Indeed there is a regular flight from France that services the Club Med on San Sal. If you are in the market for a private island, this one should be given very careful consideration as it is one of a kind.

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