Private Island for Sale - Berry Islands - Lignum Vitae Cay

Detailed Listing information

View: Beachfront View
Island Measurements
Island Size: 121 Acre
Island Size: 1.30 m
Island Size: 1,253 ft
Elevations: 60 ft
Air Access
Proximity to major
island with air access:
1 m
Ref #: 1036
Price: $2,995,000
Listing Type: Private Islands for Sale Beachfront View
Property Type: Undeveloped Island

This private island for sale in the Bahamas is located in the northern section of the Berry Islands.  Lignum Vitae Cay was originally laid out for development by the current owner approximately 20 years ago. Four of the 160 lots were sold, but the development of the island was never initiated. This 121 acre offering is an excellent opportunity to continue the development of the island. Copies of the original development plan are available. This island runs in a north/south direction and is 1.3 miles long (7,504.74 feet) (2,287.44m) long and 1,253 feet (382m) at its widest point. This island has numerous hills rising to between 40 – 60 feet. Although the island does not have extensive beach there are a couple of small beaches on the north western section of the island and the protected coastline provides many locations for docking facilities.

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