Bahamas Private Islands for Sale

Private Islands for Sale in the Bahamas are located within an archipelago that covers 180,000 square miles of islands and oceans and stretches 506 miles in length.  The Bahama Archipelago is home to over 700 of the most beautiful islands and cays in the world.  Our islands are drenched in history dating back to 500 AD when the Lucayan Indians were scattered throughout our island chain.
Christopher Columbus first stepped on ground in the New World on the beautiful island of San Salvador.  Pirates, Privateers and Buccaneers roamed these waters to prey on large ships passing through and near Bahamian waters.  During the Civil War British ships used the islands as a provisioning base.  Bootleggers, known as Rum Runners in the Bahamas, kept the US stocked of illegal libation during prohibition. When you are searching for a Bahamas Private Island for sale, you never know what piece of history may have touched that island.

The Bahamas Archipelago is extraordinary and when fairy tales and stories are written about islands you can imagine that our vast chain of history was the encouragement of such literature. With the popularity of Treasure Island came children with dreams of pirates and buccaneers and today billions in gold lay on our seafloor unclaimed.

Exuma Property on a Bahamas IslandBahamas Islands, a modern hub of investment, banking and tourism

History aside, the Bahamas today is a modern hub of investment, banking and tourism.  Our people are as colorful as our history, enthusiastic about sharing their stories and adamant that the Bahamas is the best country in the world.  Of the 700 islands only 30 are inhabited.  These islands range from the busy, highly populated New Providence, home to our capital city of Nassau, to the sleepy island of Mayaguana with a population of 270 people, less than your average high-rise condo in Miami.  But the island with the smallest population is your future island.

Family relax in snorkelling gear in the BahamasThere is a private island for you waiting to be discovered.  The Bahamas  Islands range in size from less than an acre to hundreds and offer both residential or commercial development opportunities.  Each one is it’s own character because no two Bahamas private islands for sale are alike.  Each hold their own beauty and their own history.

With close proximity to the US and access to many developed islands by boat or private plane, the Bahamas private islands are the best in the world. In fact, many of the islands we have for sale already have working runways or deep-water docks.

Bahamas Private Islands for Sale, Spectabilis IslandPrivate Islands are for a very unique buyer who has the resources and diligence to acquire them. Because our country is so aware of the beauty and value of these islands they want to protect them and ensure they go into the hands of qualified and caring owners.  Our team is well versed in private island purchases and we work with attorneys who specialize in these types of transactions that can maneuver the legal process in the most efficient manner.  Our specialty is Bahamas Private Islands. was created specifically to offer luxury services to discerning clientele.  We work with one client at a time and focus 100% of our energy on the pursuit of the perfect Bahamas private island for your demand, whether that is residential or for commercial development. Bahamas Private Islands is our business and our specialty.

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