Luxury Private Island Rentals


Maybe owning a private island isn’t for you but the idea of enjoying one over holiday is attractive. Luxury Private island rentals are available for rent ranges from very simple single dwelling islands with a caretaker starting at $500 a night to major estates inclusive of several homes, restaurants and full staff reaching $40,000 a night and able to accommodate 24 people.

No matter what your interest or desire, we can help you plan the perfect vacation, corporate getaway or special event from choosing the island to organising transportation to your tropical paradise.  There are many options for experiencing a Private Island Vacation.  Our specialty is Luxury Private Island Rentals and we will work closely with you to choose and island and plan your luxury getaway.


Luxury Private Islands for Rent – Amenities

Bahamas Private Island Rentals, Renting a Private Island, Luxury Private Island Vacations, Bahamas Luxury Vacation RentalsLuxury private island rentals in the Bahamas have very experienced staff available for your every need. Whatever you wish can be arranged before your arrival on the island. Private Chefs will be staffed based on number of guests and needs. You may decide on your menu ahead of time as well as wine and snacks. The entire experience is personalised to you and your guests.

Bahamas Private Island rentals, Bahamas Private Islands for Rent, Private Island Vacation, Bahamas Luxury RentalLuxury private island rentals come inclusive of watersports equipment and often a skiff or center console runabout. On the larger private island rentals staff may include a captain that is an expert fisherman, diver and boatman.  Imagine days spent scuba diving or spearfishing, deep-sea fishing or bone-fishing, jet skiing, paddle boarding or kite surfing.  Surrounded by water, a Private Island Rental offers everything ocean!  Let us know what you enjoy doing and we will make arrangements before you arrive to ensure that activities you and your family enjoy are available to you.   When you want to keep you feet on the land, you can explore the many beautiful beaches and enjoy shelling. Relax on the beach or at the house. Catch up on reading and of course rest and relaxation.  Bahamas Private Island vacations are perfect for a family as well.  All the amenities available make it perfect for children of all ages.

Private Island Rentals Water-Sports, Private Island Vacations, Luxury Private Island Rentals, Luxury Private Island Vacations,Stewards can set up the beach with chairs, umbrellas, food and drinks so your only responsibility is walking down from the house. Stewards also attend to the needs of the house. Often properties have onsite gyms and trainers can be made available during your stay if a steward is not already certified.

shutterstock_73567075Staying in touch with home and the office is a breeze, literally. You can access the internet, cable and telephone services from most luxury private island rentals. Traveling with your family on a luxury private island vacation does not mean missing meetings or important business.   Your office view may be better, but you can continue to oversee operations from a beautiful private island rental in the Bahamas. If you have any concerns let us know and we will do everything to ensure that you will not encounter any stressful situations while away and will enjoy a peaceful getaway.



 Private Island Beachfront Weddings in the Bahamas

Private Island Rental, Private Island Beach Weddings, Beach weddings Bahamas

If you have considered a tropical island wedding we can assist you in making your special day amazing.  Private Island weddings are a luxury destination and there are experienced wedding planners in the Bahamas able to work with you to make your event magnificent.  Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.  A beachfront wedding in the Bahamas is a dream for some and a Private Island beachfront wedding in the Bahamas is the ultimate luxury location.  If you are imagining a beachfront wedding in the Bahamas we will work with you to find the perfect Private Island for Rent.  Many private islands have facilities able to entertain 100’s of people and accommodate sleeping arrangements fro up to 25.  Tell us what you imagine and let us work on the logistics of your dream Bahamas beachfront wedding on a Luxury Private Island.  Anything is possible!  The Bahamas has the resources to make your wedding dream a reality.

Private Island Yacht Charters in the Bahamas

Private Islands for Rent, Luxury Private Island Vacation, Bahamas Luxury Vacation rentals, Bahamas Yacht can also arrange a Bahamas Yacht Charter to compliment your luxury private island vacation.   If your luxury Bahamas vacation includes traveling our many islands aboard a luxury private yacht charter we can make it happen.  Bahamas Yacht Charters also add additional accommodations to a private island when more space is needed.  Many private islands for rent in the Bahamas have substantial dock systems able to berth larger boats that draw on deep water.  Please visit our Luxury Yacht Charter page to learn more about renting a Yacht or Mega Yacht in the Bahamas.

Please enjoy our listings and contact us, the specialists on private islands sales and rentals in the Bahamas, to reserve your luxury private island vacation.  Remember that no request is too large and we will work to full fill all your needs before your arrival.