9 Steps to Finding the Right Private Island

1. What’s your price? Paradise comes at a premium and a private island in The Bahamas will always demand a suitably hefty price tag, but there is certainly some variation. Before you begin your search, know your budget and, more importantly, if you’re deciding on which end to spend it they key is to focus on the land. This is true even if it means waiting longer to save or raise the funds necessary...

Introducing BahamasIslands.com

The Bahamas’ Premier Private Island website We are very excited to launch www.bahamasislands.com, the one-stop shop for everything that comes to mind when you think of private island sales and private island rentals in The Bahamas. www.Bahamasislands.com is launching as the premier website dedicated to private island sales and rentals throughout the Bahamas. Bahamasislands.com will make...

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